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Ritter Energie- und Umwelttechnik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-efficiency evacuated tube collectors. Ritter collectors are ideal for water heating, supplementary heating, process heat generation, heating networks and solar cooling. Currently, the collectors are produced by 200 employees at the company’s headquarters in Dettenhausen, Southern Germany. The main OEM product is the evacuated-tube collector with CPC mirror. Ritter collectors are characterized by high energy yield, high performance, high production quality and a unique design. They feature reliable commissioning and high reliability, and are fully recyclable. In addition to its standardized product range, Ritter also offers custom-specific collectors with a variety of designs, colours and sizes depending on customers’ requirements. Ritter guarantees professional technical support for all its customers.

Herstellung der Solarkollektoren

The appropriate collector for any need


This is mainly the result of the innovative design of the collectors, which is the outcome of many years of research and continuing technical development. As a result, Ritter evacuated tube collectors can achieve higher energy yields than other conventional collectors. Other system suppliers which incorporate evacuated tube collectors from Ritter in their solar heating systems as OEM products also benefit from this efficiency. The in-house design team can meet individual design requirements as well as carrying out technical modifications or working to individual specifications.

Moderne Fertigung für zahlreiche OEM-Kunden

Customized collectors


In addition to perfect compatibility, the Ritter collector features careful workmanship, durability, high quality design and a fair price/performance ratio. Constant high quality levels in mass production, the highest possible flexibility in order processing and the highest levels of delivery compliance are all features of OEM products from Ritter.

Among specialists in the sector, the Ritter collector is synonymous with outstanding quality. Well-known customers from the heating industry rely on our products.

CPC Spiegel als Teil des Absorbers

CPC mirrors


All the collectors produced in Dettenhausen meet the requirements of EN 12975 and bear the Solar Keymark Label seal of approval. Ritter collectors have always received the best assessments in tests carried out by the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest and by various other environmental and consumer magazines. The AQUA PLASMA and STAR collectors produced for Paradigma received the IF design award 2013 and the Industrie Forum Design Award 2000 for their outstanding design..

Montageset PLUS


Our new mounting set PLUS stands for safety, stability and durability. The aluminium system consists of only a few parts. These are perfectly harmonized with each other, allowing rapid, reliable installation. Irrespective of the roof material and region, the system offers the optimum solution for all solar thermal systems.

mounting set plus

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